House of Serene is dedicated to exhibiting exquisite pieces that are rich in cultures and stories. We believe every piece of teaware is different, so we’d like to help you find the one that connects to your inner self.  

Our teaware is 100% handcrafted with traditional Chinese techniques and influences that can be traced back thousands of years. This is represented in the items in our specially selected collection: the wares from the Five Famous Kilns; blue and white porcelains; and Jian wares. Enjoy a mindful and joyful time drinking from our product, whether you’re at home relaxing by yourself or spending time with family and friends. 

The Five Famous Kilns

The Five Famous Kilns are from the Song dynasty (960-1279). They are known for their monochrome appearance, and very cool-toned glazes that resemble jade and silver, snow and ice. The kilns (representing different techniques) are Ru, Guan, Ge, Ding and Jun and each has its own special features. Ru wares have jade-like tones and they are often further enhanced with the introduction of crackles - a result of the glaze cooling faster than the body and contracting on the surface.  While Guan and Ge are most commonly seen in bluish-green, featuring a classical glazing pattern that resembles cracking ice, Ge’s glaze is bright and smooth.  Ding wares are notable for their ivory-toned white pieces with impressed or carved decoration. Lastly, Jun wares are more vibrant when compared to the other four kilns. Jun is also known for its very thick, bright bluish glaze, which varies from piece to piece. The Famous Five Kilns shows you the essence of craftsmanship in the Song dynasty and is a great addition to any ceramic collection.

Blue and white porcelain

Blue and white porcelain is one of the most well-known and enduring products in the history of Chinese ceramics. Originating in 9th century China, blue and white porcelain consists of a cobalt-blue underglaze decoration, laid over the white porcelain body. Many items of blue and white porcelain are decorated with popular Chinese floral and animal motifs, such as the phoenix and crane, conveying an auspicious meaning. Whether you use the porcelain to drink tea or have them purely as decorations, we believe the blue and white will make your tea time special and brighten every corner of your home.

Jian wares

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to the beauty of Jian wares. We have several special Jian flambé glazed wares with the high-fire iridescent glaze that has blue, purple or other vibrant tones. These are the result of copper or other metallic materials that break up on the surface of the very runny glaze. This is not controllable, which means that it’s impossible to find two identical pieces even in the same shape. In the Song dynasty, Jian wares achieved a high prestige, especially among Buddhist monks and in relation to tea-drinking. We think Jian wares are great if youd like to add a sense of ritual into your tea time. 

Our products are carefully selected from Dehua and Jingdezhen, two well-known porcelain cities in China that date back hundreds of years.  Every product is hand-made by potters who have dedicated their lives to make exquisite and aesthetic pieces with inherited skills from ancient masters. 

We hope you feel the craftsman’s love that has gone into making this teaware collection and we hope your tea-drinking experience will be transformed by having one of these pieces in your home.