A Guide to a Serene Christmas in 2020

Christmas used to be a season that connects with your friends and families. This year may be a little bit different. Instead of following the traditions, we can all be creative and take this time as a mental retreat to get ourselves cosy and relax at home, allowing ourselves to hold the space to reflect on what has happened this year. Here we would like to share with you a few tips on creating a serene Christmas.

Conscious gifting

2020 is a year full of challenges but challenges always make us stronger, doesn’t it? House of Serene is one of the small businesses that was established during the pandemic with the mission to bring serenity to everyone’s home through artisan teaware and tea rituals. We have noticed that there are plenty of mission-driven small businesses which want to make the world a better community for us. So, when you choose Christmas presents for your loved  one, it would be a good idea to align with your value. You can

  • Choose sustainable over fast fashion
  • Choose to support the locals and small businesses
  • Choose an experience and meaningful gift over a pretty instagramable item
  • Minimise wrapping and packaging  


Love and support

Not everyone can be together for Christmas celebration this year due to the current situation. But no matter how far we are apart, together we are under the same sky. We can still show our love and care in a more authentic and creative way! You can consider sending a surprise gift earlier, hosting a zoom party or personalise your Xmas card with your family photo on it. We are always one (Whatsapp, Zoom, Microsoft team, Facebook Messager) call away! A call, a virtual hug, a chat over tea drinking can bring a smile to your loved one’s face, simple as that.


Mental detox

Some of us, especially for introverts feel extremely grateful to have Xmas to ourselves. No party tricks, drinking games or ugly jumpers (Thank god!). It gives us the best reason to reserve Xmas as our mental detox retreat, a fully non-compromised self-nourishing journey. All I want for Xmas is ……. a cup of beautifully brewed oolong tea, a good book, space and the freedom to sing and dance to myself like nobody is watching(literally). I love it!


Find your serenity

Serenity is always within us. But we rarely notice we are able to find stillness when we have a busy mind. There are three steps suggested by the founder of Purely Being Meditation, Lucy Love, that I think everyone will find it useful:

  • Recognise serenity is always in the world we are living in, anxiety is just a ripple on a vast calm sea.
  • Schedule some mini pause moments in between day. It can be just a 5-sec pause, take a deep breath and smile from your heart to your eyes. If you have more time, you can take a longer pause to relax and allow yourself to do nothing and nourish your mental space.
  • Follow through. After your pause, bring your serene mind into the activities you are going to do. It gives you more mental space to be creative and be more patient towards the world.


Serene rituals at home

There are uncountable rituals you can curate serenity to your mind and home. Our favourite one is tea rituals following by a hot bath and a before-bed meditation. It’s all about connection – body, soul, and mind. Focusing on the temperature of the water, observing the colour changes and inviting the beautiful aromas of tea to linger in the air. It brings us serene moments that are unforgettable. You can consider

  • Wake up and listen to Purely Being Guided Meditation by Lucy Love
  • Brew and enjoy your favourite tea with beautifully handcrafted teaware from House of Serene
  • Sit at the garden/balcony to start journaling and put down all your creative thoughts and reflections
  • Enjoy a mindful lunch with no screens and no distractions, just taste the food and relax
  • Take a wonderful hot bath, light your favourite scented candle on your side
  • Read a good book
  • Have a 10 mins gratitude practice every night before bed


Serene Christmas 101 – Relax, Reflect and Redefine the way of living

  • Relax and allow yourself to do nothing but nourishing your mental space
  • Reflect what have happened this year and what do you want to continue doing next year.
  • Redefine your purpose and value in life and recast your role around it.

 We wish you a serene and merry Christmas.

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